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Now that my book has a sweet cover, it's time for a new thread with all the info about what it is, and lovely links where you can pre-order. So that's what this is.

THE REVISIONARIES comes out September 24, and I can't wait for you to read it.

First, you can skip this thread and just read the whole thing on my blog.  http://www.armoxon.com/2019/03/the-revisionaries-presales-now-open.html 

Second, you might be wondering what THE REVISIONARIES (out 9/24, available now for pre-order) is about.

Wonder no longer!

Third, pre-ordering actually IS important!

If you value my writing, it is absolutely the best way to help make sure there is more of it.

This short thread lays out why very nicely.

Fourth and nextly, anyone who preorders should tell me! It makes me happy, and also I will reply with a bespoke GIF expressing my delight in you and your existence and all your good choices.

High five!

All right, next: where to pre-order.

1) All pre-orders are good, but ordering from independent booksellers is so extra good, you cannot imagine. You'll get angel wings. Call them!

Indiebound is a great site to help you find an indie near you.  https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781612197982 

2) Let's move on to Books-A-Million. BAM!  https://www.booksamillion.com/product/9781612197982 

3) Come for the Barnes ... stay for the Noble.

THE REVISIONARIES: Get it all up in your Nook.


4) ♪♫Want that Kindle?
Get that Kindle.
Get a hard cover
Put it in your bindle
You want it I got it, go, get it, and buy it
You'll never like it if you don't try it.
An e-reader
Can be so nice
Yeah and you can read however you like, if you like ♪♫


OK, that's all. Whenever I found a new beloved book, I found a new beloved voice. A friend I didn't know I had.

I wrote this in hopes that it would somehow find all my friends I never knew about, and I cannot wait for that day to actually come.

Come, let us be friends.

Nice question.

I would say it is a literary postmodern genre buster, definitely with laughs and absurdity, but not unserious-minded.

One hesitates to compare oneself to greats, but if you wanted to think of Neil Gaiman, I wouldn't hate you.

Just remembered: We have a link for friends in Canada now.  https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/610857/the-revisionaries-by-a-r-moxon/9781612197982 

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