Guillaume Chaslot @gchaslot AI for good. / Univ Paris Est / Advisor at Center for Humane Technology / Ex-Google May. 14, 2019 1 min read

This girl talking without fear of political consequences is right to speech.

This channel being promoted tens of millions of times by Google’s algos is “right to monetize hatred”.

Google plays an active role in the promotion of this channel.

Note that YouTube similarly encourages and monetizes hatred of Christians, but it’s often not in English so we have no idea about it.

It’s not just hatred of Muslims and Christians that YouTube monetizes: it’s all types of hatred, monetized equally.

The algorithm also promote gender hatred. Example:

Here the algorithm decided to recommend a video from "femh8r HiDef" (read: female hater) more than *7 millions times within in a few days*. YouTube deleted that video after three weeks.

But other videos of this channel remain, that explain "why you should treat women like shit" 

I'm sure YouTube also monetizes anti-men content.

By the way, this is a must read @noUpside article explaining the difference between "free speech" and "free reach": 

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