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Fox News Channel (FNC) was the most watched cable network in 2018 (third straight year it held that position). FNC secured 10 of the top 25 programs in total viewers in 2018.

Missed opportunity by Elizabeth Warren to take her message outside of the usual echo chamber/bubble.

2. Just a few thousand votes can flip battle ground states; candidates refusing to take their message to as many people as they can do so at the risk of losing votes. A Fox News townhall would’ve given Elizabeth Warren millions of dollars of free air time (supported by sponsors).

3. As influential as Fox News is in battleground states, this free airtime could’ve also been a “greener substitute” for physically campaigning in such states (campaigns produce lots of CO2 jetting around the US) - Warren could’ve made this point too.

4. Side note: The US campaign/election season produces enough planet warming greenhouse gases to offset any green measures an entire population of a small city may be taking over their lifetime, from walking/biking to work to shunning plastic bags to turning down the thermostat.

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