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Join us tomorrow at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT for a Reddit AMA over at  http://reddit.com/r/politics . We’ll be discussing all issues surrounding the border and immigration. Learn a little bit more about each of our reporters below 👇

.@theCindyCarcamo is a reporter covering immigration issues. Previously, she was Arizona bureau chief and a national correspondent for The Times. Read her work here:  https://lat.ms/2HkT4dW 

.@mollymotoole is a reporter covering immigration and security at the Los Angeles Times’ Washington, D.C. bureau. She’ll be heading to the border in California and Texas in the coming weeks. Read her work here:  https://lat.ms/2EbxSoG 

.@bgirledukate is an immigration reporter focusing on San Diego County and the California border for @sdut. She previously worked as a data reporter at the Union-Tribune and as a general assignment reporter in South Africa. Read her work here:  http://bit.ly/2W1HSee 

.@mollyhf is the Houston bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times. She’s been covering the region for about eight years. Read her work here:  https://lat.ms/2Vt9t3O 

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