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It is hard. But I get the outcome I want. So the mental space I used to obsess about my weight and health negatively has been replaced with this constructive mental work.

This is an important point for me. When I was overweight I thought about it constantly. How I “failed” eating each day. I could go on and on about the negative thought. Journaling is a constructive thought. So it is mental space neutral for me to journal. It was a switch.

Journaling keeps me accountable otherwise I lie to myself about food. All the time. For me, on weeks I journal religiously I maintain or lose (if that was the goal), when I don’t I gain. It takes effort to get any outcome with anything. For me, journaling helps.

I’ve been journaling for 8 years. This long in it is just a thing I do. I feel no negative feelings if I go over my daily 1,650 calories. It is really like a speedometer. Data that tells me where I am. I log even when I go over. Then if I gain weight I can see why and adjust.

This does not mean I am an expert. The best way to achieve a weight goal you want is the way that works for you (that excludes unhealthy, super restrictive plans). I am just sharing what worked for me.

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