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This is a thoughtful piece by @AaronBlake. I think the characterization of Rosensten as “dragging” @Comey is unfair, given the latter struck first. But there was a small tragedy in the speech, too. THREAD., https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/05/14/rod-rosensteins-twinge-regret/ 

Something @AaronBlake did not cover was Rosenstein’s enormous and misplaced emphasis on the role of the Attorney General. He felt @Comey should have deferred to the AG; alas, Rod never knew why Comey could not do so. One day he may find out; he will regret his (good faith) error

Aside from Rosenstein not understanding why @Comey could not defer to Lynch, he has a misplaced view that an LE investigation belongs to the prosecutors who merely supervise it. It does not. It was not, as he said with emphasis, “MY investigation”. It was @FBI investigation.

When Rosenstein said “firing the FBI Director would not hurt the investigation” that is where he fell down. If he did not think that the man who had been on this case since fall 2015, with institutional knowledge, much not diffused, including to him, he needed to think again.

Rosenstein grossly underplayed the role of @Comey in what was, and what remains, an @FBI investigation. He likes facts; I appeal to him on the facts; it is not prosecutors who investigate. It is law enforcement. Prosecutors merely enforce and offer frameworks. @FBI investigates.

Rosenstein was outraged at @Comey press conference and then his letter. But he was not read in to why the letter had to be sent, either. It is disappointing that he made assumptions. Equally, @Comey, my personal hero, *knows* RR was unaware. So why attack him?

Mr. @Comey was the greatest secret keeper of our age. He was “need to know” at all times. In attacking Rod Rosenstein he seems to have forgotten that while he had CI imperatives on both press conference and letter, he didn’t read RR into either situation.

To him, I would suggest (with deference) sir; he didn’t know why. You can’t be angry at him for his annoyance when he didn’t know what actually compelled you.

Rosenstein appointed Mueller and despite knowing what McCabe had done he allowed his obstruction probe to stand. And Trump blamed him for it.

In closing, counterintelligence agents should not judge their allies as if they were also fully cognizant of the situation; and prosecutors should lose, fast, that an investigation they merely supervise is “their investigation”. That’s not their function in law.

I believe both Rosenstein and Comey are patriots. I am right about Wikileaks having colluded with Russia being the bombshell Barr erased. It means Mueller said Trump isn’t guilty yet but will be proven so after Assange’s trial. Rosenstein knows that.

The test of Rosenstein’s integrity is will he misstate Mueller as Barr has done or will he affirm what Mueller actually said, which is Trump WILL be found guilty once Wikileaks = Russia case concludes.

Congress needs his testimony. End thread.

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