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Joe Biden can’t go three days without reminding us he fully intends to sell our cow for a handful of magic beans.

"I will fight the Republicans for you."
-Elizabeth Warren

"I will fight you for the Republicans."
-Joe Biden

I mean, first of all, no they won't and you obviously know that, how stupid do you think we are.

Second of all, screw you and screw your consensus with Republicans. No consensus with atrocity. No middle ground with evil.

Biden has to go. Unacceptable.

Just so everyone is clear there is no path out of this that involves the Republican Party still existing as a viable political entity in 10 years.

They're an anti-democratic fascist organization pushing a corporatized white ethno-state.

If Joe Biden insists on letting us know what friends he is with Republicans then we'd better hope Joe Biden isn't electable.

The fact is that you don't open negotiations with what you think you'll get, but with more.

Biden knows that.

Which means that with this "compromise" crap he's not opening negotiations with Republicans, but with us.

And we'll get worse than he's offering.

Every time I think maybe I'm being to harsh on him too early he speaks again, and I remember no, I'm not being harsh enough and I should have started years and years ago.

i am very very tired

Our nation’s problem is not incivility. Our nation’s problem is purposeful abuse and enablement of abuse.

These quotes from Elie Wiesel have been my lodestar through these dark days.

Remember, abuse and enablement. It has always been thus. Who you are now is very likely who you'd have been then.

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