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🔥Voting machine vendor ES&S installed remote access software in county and/or state vote tabulators in PENNSYLVANIA & MICHIGAN, & that's just where they were caught! They claim they've been removed, but won't say if that occurred before or after 2016!  1/

2/ Dominion Voting and HART Intercivic wouldn't tell @KimZetter, the cybersecurity journalist who wrote the article in post 1, if they have installed remote access software or not.

3/ But a Florida Department of State report suggests that Dominion has installed remote access software there in Florida (despite Dominion's carefully worded response about that)

4/ According to the article in post 1, Diebold installed remote access in central tabulators as well. When ES&S acquired Diebold in 2009, the two companies accounted for 70% of US election equipment, per the DOJ. 

5/ Although ES&S sold Diebold's physical assets (warehoused equipment) and intellectual property to Dominion Voting in 2010, ES&S appears to have retained most of the Diebold contracts w/ the various counties throughout the US.

6/ In other words, if ES&S could remotely access Diebold machines already sold to counties with Diebold contracts, the technical breakup of ES&S and Diebold (and sale of Diebold's warehoused equipment & intellectual property to Dominion) would not affect that control.

7/ ES&S initially denied installing remote access, then said it did so in just in a small number of jurisdictions, then admitted the number was closer to 300. It won't identify those jurisdictions.

8/ As noted above, at the barest minimum, ES&S installed remote access in two swing states: Pennsylvania and Michigan. And Dominion Voting appears to have done so in Florida.

9/ Please contact @OversightDems and demand that they subpoena the vendors to specify each jurisdiction in which they installed remote access software (and, more recently, wireless modems) and when exactly, if ever, it was removed Thank you! @RepCummings @RepAdamSchiff @RepRaskin

10/ “On my mother’s dying bed, 92 years old, former sharecropper, her last words were, ‘Do not let them take our votes away from us,’” -- @RepCummings 

How could I forget about the remote access software to the central tabulators in OHIO?! So that's FOUR swing states where vendors have had the ability to remotely access the central (county or state) vote tabulators: OHIO, PA, MICHIGAN, & FLORIDA. 11/

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