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Maybe you remember two very good dogs named Hari and Refried.

They are brother and sister, 10 years old, and have been together most of their lives. Refried is the softest husky in the land and she always sings while she runs. Hari is gentle and strong and one of the best athletes I’ve ever met.

They are named after beans: Refried and Hari(cot). They also have sisters named Fava and Garbanzo.

Here is Refried cheering on the team last year after she announced her retirement.

Here is a very important bedtime story about Hari, who has saved the team twice. Not in spite of being blind, but because of it—because of his heightened senses, his trust in his nose, his thoughtfulness.

Hari and Refried have been having their own adventures this winter. Refried was giving short tours in Colorado, which seemed to agree with her very much — she still loves to run, just not very far. And Hari has been staying with a friend here in town.

Anyway, we picked up Refried via carpool on the way home, so she’s been hanging out in the garden for about a day, napping in the sun.

Last night, we brought Hari home. Here he is sniffing the garden door....

When he’s not running with the team, Hari is most comfortable in fenced-in areas, because he can really get to know every inch of the terrain without getting lost. He recognized the garden immediately.

He took off, crossing the grass he knows so well at a fast trot. He was clearly looking for something.

Whatcha looking for, Hari?

Refried was napping in the corner. This is the moment she noticed that there was another dog in the garden.

For a second or two, Refried stood there, watching. She is shy around strange dogs. And then it clicked.

This is the moment she realized that the other dog was her brother Hari.

The siblings immediately settled into sniffing each other. They sniffed every bit of each other for a long time.

Then they took breaks to do zoomies.

Then they sniffed each other some more. I think that’s how they told each other where they’d been and what they’d been doing.

I hung out with them more this morning and they were like puppies again.

“Follow me!”

Refried is reserved around most dogs, and Hari has trouble making friends with dogs because he doesn’t read their body language, but when they’re together they trust each other completely.

Welcome home, loves.

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