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1. Dream wheels - the 1977 Aston Martin Lagonda - if I could afford one, I’d replace the powertrain with an electric-hybrid. And also the electronic brain. (This car was stuffed with glitchy electronics, including an all-digital CRT dash and a push button gear selector).

2. Lagonda’s sharp-angled styling is a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, and if you fall for one, you’d love the car’s commanding presence, but also may grow to hate both the car and yourself when the electronics go south, as they often do.

Sold well to well-heeled sheiks.

3. Just look at that dash. And that steering wheel. And that wood and that piping on all that leather.


4. William Towns had penned the squared-off DBS of 1969 and his instructions were to come up with something edgy. Harris Mann’s wedge shapes were all the rage, and Towns one-upped Mann with the razor-sharp Lagonda (that grill is 6 inches tall).

This is a 1984.

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