Guillaume Chaslot @gchaslot AI for good. / Univ Paris Est / Advisor at Center for Humane Technology / Ex-Google May. 15, 2019 1 min read

Is it really "hard to argue with promotion unrelated to content"? Good question!

Let's imagine an automated food distribution system that has lever for each food. The harder you pull, the more energy the system makes. Which food would it choose to promote? 1/5

Heroin. Until everybody dies.

Promotion of unrelated to content can go wrong, really fast.


So why doesn't YouTube have the same problem? Because they ban *millions* of terrorist videos, that would beat all stats of engagement.


The solution is not to ban more and more videos, bc people will always find a way to make borderline videos that are engaging and damaging.

The solution includes:

1/ taking long-term user feedback into account
2/ being able to measure global damages.


The problems I mention are not edge cases, they are local minima for the machine learning. 5/5

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