Jennifer Gunter @DrJenGunter The Gray Lady’s gynecologist (@NYTStyles), sexpert, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible (8/27), Jensplaining. May. 15, 2019 1 min read

If I had gotten pregnant when I was raped at 23 and I was somewhere that abortion was illegal I have no doubt I would have submitted to an illegal procedure or done it myself. No doubt.


And oh my God the added worry post-rape knowing abortion was illegal while waiting for your next period? I can’t imagine.

I mean it was tough enough and I was a medical student in a country with legal abortion.


The mental trauma, never mind physical, of these forced-birth laws cannot be over stated.
The men and women who vote for these bills should be ashamed. But they aren’t. They don’t really care. They just want to use the misery of women for political points and fundraising 3

I will add that I was once in an abusive relationship and I would also have had an illegal abortion rather than been tied to him for the rest of my life.
No question.


Women don’t attempt to shove a coat hanger through their cervix and lacerate bowel because they couldn’t get an “on demand abortion with a mani-pedi.” They are desperate.
Never underestimate the desperation of a women who is pregnant and doesn’t want to be.


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