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“Warren can’t win because the racist slur the President calls her as a schoolyard taunt will hurt her and help him” is the most crazy-making thing people tell me on here.

Honestly if you won’t support a candidate because of this, you’ve given up before you even started.

Please rest assured that if you tweet that extremely dumb and weak-minded thing at me, I'm unlikely to reply, but it will probably be the last thing I ever see from you on this platform.

To be clear, I don't mean Warren shouldn't address the harm and offense she caused native people with her clumsy response to that taunt.

She should.

But that is between her and native people. Don't hand Trump a win over it.

If you use that error as a reason not to support her, then Trump's tactic of calling her a racial slur worked.

You get that? It worked. And it worked because of you.

You effectively have incentivized Trump's use of racial taunts.


And yes, it was an error.

But when we keep bringing it up again and again and again, as if it is her defining feature and the defining feature of her candidacy, we repeat that win for him, again and again and again and again.

I can't help wondering why we would do that.

This is exactly correct.

Other than an apology from Warren to native people—which, by the way, she already has made—the only response to be made about "The Pocahontas thing" is, "the real story is that the President knows he can make racial taunts without losing Republican support" and a pivot to policy.

If your concern for native people is so great you won't back Warren b/c of her initial clumsy response...OK.

Then I presume your support in this election is equally guided by who best supports the interests of native people, a topic about which I'm sure you're well-informed.

And if so ... great! I'd love to learn from you about the interests of native people, and the candidate whose policies and proposals most support their concerns and needs. I think that's an important matter worthy of consideration.

But if not ... you just kidding yourself.

I'm pretty sure that's going to be the only thing I say about a topic that is otherwise much better entirely ignored, other than as continued proof of Donald Trump as a racist degenerate, and the Republican Party the perfect supportive vessel for his grotesque crabbed worldview.

Trump called Warren "Pocahontas" for reasons. To discredit a serious female candidate—specifically as a female. To discredit native people—specifically as native people. To cast both as unserious and beneath consideration.

Those were his targets.

He must be ours.

If you are going to take one of the most shocking and blatant expressions of his hateful worldview, and hang that expression around the neck of one of its targets, allegedly on behalf of all of its other targets ... examine yourself.

Be sure you're defending who you say you are.

Last thing: I'm interested in hearing from native people about this!

And I will say, this point I'm quoting? Is (if you hold it honestly) a valid issue, but never the reason given to me. It's almost exclusively a tactical complaint, which makes me nuts.

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