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Because no one can afford housing so how can they possibly afford kids? Good job NIMBYs.

If you want to make your life twice as fun, move to Bay Area where you can work for big tech for many years, make others millions, but you still won't be able to afford housing *or* kids. Those things are just for, say, employee #200 at Uber now. Cool society we have.

Still after looking at a bunch of data/watching my peers (elder aka leading indicator millennials) they'll buy housing soon one way (somewhere) or another. Renting getting long in the tooth for the cohort. Perhaps Boomers will also migrate to Fla/Az finally. RE(tech) will be lit.

So funny I can't Tweet about this w/o getting the same copy-paste comments from people who who don't understand our market (or perhaps people's lives, more broadly). Plz follow @kimmaicutler who covers this without bias and has studied the problem longer than the rest of us.

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