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I’m extremely bullish on @letsjumprope, a platform and toolkit to create and share step-by-step, how-to videos.

How-tos span fitness, makeup tutorials, DiY, gaming... it’s arguably the biggest category of video. 

Not sure it'll take off as a discovery platform but the toolkit is 🔥

One of the biggest problem for creators is formatting. Jumprope let's you create one video that easily renders to the format of your desired platform (FB, Insta, YouTube, Pinterest, etc).

TikTok also shows us that young people are willing to put themselves out there and get creative on platforms. Gen Z creates and shares like its 2nd nature.

Also, here is my friend @john_c_palmer messing around on Jumprope.

Full list of Jumprope categories:

🚗 Auto
💄 Beauty
💻 Computers & Electronics
🎨 Crafts & DIY
👟 Fitness & Sports
🍽 Food
🏡 Home & Garden
👪 Parenting
🐶 Pets
🛍 Fashion
✈ Travel
🎵 Music
📷 Photography
🍸 Drinks

Think about the amount of time people spend just scrolling / consuming Tasty and Buzzfeed food videos. YouTube culture is a beast of its own with unboxing, makeup tutorials, gaming, fitness.

Skies the limit. We're just at the beginning of the ubiquity of short-form videos.

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