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Thanks to @StellarJockeys who sent along some Brigador merch as thanks for my charity stream, it's heckin' fantastic. Got some pins, patches, and a military satchel! Really appreciated, and huge thanks to @HughSJ! Today I'm representing one of my favourite indie games. 🤘

I was running out the door earlier, so didn't have a chance to get pictures, but here are the pins and patches, as well as the leather satchel! But it's the heartfelt message that means the most to me. Well and truly thank you @HughSJ, it means a lot.

They sent me 2 shirts, as well as the pins and patches, so when I get a chance, I'll grab a pic of my and my girlfriend wearing the shirts. She was absolutely thrilled, and told me she was just listening to the Brigador soundtrack at work today.

It really is the best soundtrack!

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