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Not only are these West Virginia voting machines old, they are also the notoriously insecure iVotronic from ES&S. It’s as if WV wants its elections to suck. It should instead move to #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system. cc: @wvsosoffice 1/ 

2/ About the iVotronic. via @TanyasTwit

3/ More about the infamous iVotronic:

4/ And more.

5/ And more. Via @LuluFriesdat

6/ From May 2018:

7/ Yes, @wvsosoffice has been leading the charge toward replacing dangerous old touchscreen systems with dangerous new touchscreen barcode systems and ONLINE voting. It’s a train wreck.

8/ I wrote about the dangers of barcode voting here: 

9/ And here. 

10/ Many jurisdictions throughout the US are making the same mistake. #StopBarcodeVoting

11/ Pls send this election-security check list to your members of Congress, state lawmakers, state and local election officials, and favorite candidates. Demand that they fight to implement each item by 2020. TY.

12/ #ProtectOurVotes

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