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THIS! Did Russia have access to the online reporting systems in Florida? The Mueller report said Russian hackers were in the election "network." Online reporting systems are networked. Russia hacked Ukraine's reporting system in 2014. 1/


3/ VR Systems provided not only voter registration systems, but also the software for the online reporting systems in 60 of 67 counties! It appears they ran the reporting systems, which had problems in 2016! 

4/ Mueller said hackers were inside at least one Florida county’s election “network,” broad language hinting at potential access to the online (networked) county reporting system & perhaps the central tabulators (they share data w/ each other via USB). 

5/ “I think we all have been worried about the hacking of voting machines. But what this story suggests is the potential for HACKING the [Florida] VOTE TABULATION SYSTEMS, where the votes are tallied & HOW THE RESULTS ARE DISPLAYED." - Jeremy Bash, 7:43 

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