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More men too are “choosing” to have fewer kids - some because they want to have more autonomy/leisure time, others because they feel financially insecure or are burdened with student debt. Men are also working longer hours (14 more hours/month vs women), adding to the challenge.

2. More women are graduating from college than ever before and more of them are ending up with student debt, and entering the workforce to pay off this debt. There’s lots that policy makers can do to support younger working (would-be) families.

3. Aside from time and student debt, cost of childcare is another factor weighing in on fertility rates.

4. One study found that tough child support laws may also deter single men from having kids (main purposes of child support enforcement laws is to improve children’s wellbeing and cut public welfare costs). 

5. Stories re declining fertility rates fail to mention whether this decline is greater among unmarried populations, which if that’s the case would mean that policies (ie child support enforcement) to reduce births among unmarried people are “working”…

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