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Reporter @JennyJarvie spoke with @staceyabrams, a former state representative who is weighing a bid to run for president, about Georgia’s new abortion ban and her call for opponents of the law to donate to local groups fighting for reproductive rights.  https://lat.ms/2W4IHTA 

"As a daughter of the South, I know boycotts have been instrumental in securing the rights that I hold dear...” @staceyabrams said. “While I understand the calls for a boycott in Georgia, I'm going to follow a different path."  https://lat.ms/2W4IHTA 

When asked for the most productive way to fight back against abortion bans, @staceyabrams said, “Investment in the groups on the ground doing this work is the strongest play that we have to make certain that we can protect the rights of all.”  https://lat.ms/2W4IHTA 

“Georgia is the only state that is such a deep part of the film industry that also has the type of draconian leadership that would seek to strip a woman's autonomy in this way. That puts us in a unique position to fight back,” @staceyabrams explains.  https://lat.ms/2W4IHTA 

In the interview, @staceyabrams pushed for unity between those for and against a boycott, saying, “We need to recognize that this should not be a fight between allies. We may have different strategies, but our goals are the same.”  https://lat.ms/2W4IHTA 

.@staceyabrams has not decided on whether she will run for President. However, she shared her thoughts on a potential run with reporter @JennyJarvie. 📸: AP Photo/Seth Wenig  https://lat.ms/2W4IHTA 

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