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🔥 The new #PAVEAct bans dangerous barcode voting systems, "hybrid" ballot marking devices, & touchscreen voting machines. These terms go into effect one year from the date the #PAVEAct is passed, which means that Congress must pass it before November! Start calling! ☎️1/

2/ Here's the text of the #PAVEAct. It expressly requires that jurisdictions give voters the option to mark their ballots by hand. But it does not specify that this option must be provided at the polls (in addition to allowing vote by mail). I wish it did. 

3/ Still, for jurisdictions that use precincts or polling centers, that is the more or less the practical effect of the provisions mentioned in post 1 that ban barcode voting systems, "hybrid" voting systems, and touchscreen voting machines.

4/ Again, the effective date for the above provisions is one year from the date of passave of the #PAVEAct. Thus, if we want to save the integrity of the 2020 election, we must demand passage of the #PAVEAct before this November.

5/ This bill is infinitely better than @AmyKlobuchar's Secure Elections Act, which would allow machine-marked barcoded paper ballots from hackable barcode voting systems and hybrids.

6/ When you contact your members of Congress, I suggest emphasizing that you support the #PAVEAct bc we need: (1) #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system in 2020 (not the machine-marked kind from hackable barcode systems & hybrids);


(2) you oppose dangerous direct record electronic (usually touchscreen) voting machines, which the bill prohibits;


(3) you oppose wireless and internet connectivity in election equipment.

9/ and (4) you want meaningful manual audits (Risk Limiting Audits) for every race (which the bill provides for federal races).

10/ Support the #PAVEAct!

11/ List of senator emails: 

12/ List of senator phone numbers: 

13/ You can also easily email your senators via  cc: @resistbot

14/ For those who prefer physical mail or postcards, here are address labels: 

15/ And here's a link to a postcard design you can send, if you so choose. (graphic by @equalandallied1) 

16/ Screenshot of postcard image:

17/ Please also note that the #PAVEAct provides funding for optical scanners (for counting #HandMarkedPaperBallots), while allowing jurisdictions to conduct hand counts instead. It also provides funding for ballot marking devices for voters with disabilities.

18/ And it funds #RiskLimitingAudits, a robust manual paper ballot audit invented by @philipbstark and endorsed by @LWV, @CommonCause, @VerifiedVoting, and the American Statistical Association.

19/ Here's the provision that bans barcode voting (although it does not use the term "barcode"):

20/ Here's the provision that bans "hybrid" voting systems (although it does not use the term "hybrid"):

21/ Here's the #HandMarkedPaperBallot provision:

22/ Another provision banning "hybrid" systems. This provision would also preclude anyone from construing the terms "ballot marking device" and "paper ballot" to include a "DRE voting machine and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail." It thus effectively bans DRE voting machines.

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