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All it took was imitation handguns, fake business cards and some guile for Adrian Hong and his accomplices to capture the North Korean embassy in Spain.  https://lat.ms/2Q5sI24 

Hong and his accomplices took hostages, smashed photographs of North Korea's late dictators and stole electronics and thumb drives, later escaping by masquerading as diplomats and driving away from the embassy in its own cars, flying North Korean flags.  https://lat.ms/2Q5sI24 

Adrian Hong was one of the most celebrated advocates for human rights in North Korea, traveling the world giving lectures and penning impassioned op-eds. He is now a fugitive, being actively pursued by U.S. marshals.  https://lat.ms/2Q5sI24 

Hong’s defenders argue that his takeover did more good than harm. The hard disks he turned over to the FBI are hoped to hold a trove of information about how North Korea launders money and illegally procures the components for its nuclear weapons program.  https://lat.ms/2Q5sI24 

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