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While so-called "Gender critical feminists" are absurdly blaming trans people for the rollback of reproduction rights, it's good to remember that they're the ones working with religious right groups The Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Hands Across The Aisle.

In every case where transphobes get a foothold in feminist spaces, they derail that feminism from tackling the very serious issues like reproductive rights. Bankrolling them to create internecine conflict within feminism was the most effective thing the religious right have done.

Now there are self-described "feminists" who get more riled up about pro-choice organisations using language like "pregnant people" and are more furious about inclusion than they are about strict anti-abortion laws.

That is a terrible, if impressive, diversion of energy.

I'm sure the folks cutting the checks over at the religious right are delighted with themselves how easy it was to get those "feminists" to self-sabotage to this degree.

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