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For many in Northern Ireland, the filming of "Game of Thrones" there has been “absolutely life-changing."  https://lat.ms/2W6p6Cs 

Roughly 75% of "Game of Thrones" was filmed on soundstages and in otherworldly locations around Northern Ireland and the show has pumped more than $250 million into the local economy since 2009.  https://lat.ms/2W6p6Cs 

Helen Sloan, who grew up in a small village in Northern Ireland and spent eight seasons as the show’s stills photographer, acknowledged what may be the greatest legacy of "Game of Thrones" for those in Northern Ireland: hope.  https://lat.ms/2W6p6Cs 

Read more from @MeredithBlake on Northern Ireland and the impact "Game of Thrones" has had in a country with about as many people as Idaho.  https://lat.ms/2W6p6Cs 

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