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ANALYSIS: @NYCMayor de Blasio believes that he should hold Trump to account, but his Green New Deal dramatically undercounted Trump's possible liabilities.

Per city data, de Blasio left out Trump's dirtiest building by far.

Chart here, and thread ahead:!/vizhome/NYCGreenNewDeal2016BuildingsViz/GNDDashboard 

Here are the buildings that de Blasio included in his calculations of Trump's possible liabilities under his Green New Deal.

One of the buildings NOT on this list: 1290 Avenue of the Americas, described by Forbes as a "Secret Windfall" and "Crown Jewel." 

Per Forbes, Trump's 30 percent stake in it makes him its largest beneficiary.

To put it in perspective, 1290 Avenue of the Americas produced more than three times in metric tons of carbon as his flagship Trump Tower in 2016.

The Mayor's Office on Sustainability told me the Trump properties that de Blasio put out earlier this week is "not an exhaustive list." Neither, for the matter, is the chart that I compiled, which left out a few properties where ownership was murky or changed.

Another issue is: the Mayor's Office on Sustainability said that city's CO2 and electricity calculations from that year were self-reported and therefore unverified.

Future counts would have to be verified by an independent engineer under a law passed since then.

The Mayor's Office listed these five properties as potentially facing highest fines without improvements, respectively:

* Time Warner Center (CNN's NYHQ)
* Mount Sinai Medical Center; One Gustave Levy Place
* 111 8th Avenue (Google's NYHQ)
* 55 Water Street
* MetLife Building

None of these, however, are the city's biggest CO2 producers, according to the data. The tax calculations are based on other factors like square footage and property use, but other buildings produce more greenhouse gas by raw numbers.

More to come soon, unpacking this data set.

Note: The graphs linked at the top of this thread don't translate well in a smartphone, but are much more navigable and legible on a desktop.

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