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In L.A., people silently imploding from loneliness live among us. The People Walker wants to fix that.  https://lat.ms/2w0GGJl 

A few years ago, Chuck McCarthy started a business fueled by the human need to connect. He kept seeing signs for personal training and dog walking, so he mashed them together: people walking.

Some people might worry about safety while walking alone. Others might need motivation to get outside. But the central truth — human loneliness.

“It’s different than doing exercises with a trainer. It’s also different from pure friendship. But every day [they’re] out there, being seen and being heard. And in a big city of strangers, maybe that helps,” writes columnist @LATimesCityBeat  https://lat.ms/2w0GGJl 

City Beat, a new column from Nita Lelyveld, will tell intimate stories from all over L.A. about the central issues of life in the city, like loneliness.

Follow along at @LATimesCityBeat or tell her your story by emailing [email protected]  https://lat.ms/2Vm6bz3 

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