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What would AI demand if it suddenly attained sentience? To find out, I trained a neural net on 190k petition titles from @Change  https://aiweirdness.com/post/184919085542/this-neural-net-would-like-to-deliver-these 

I also used 117M-GPT-2 to generate full text for a few of these petitions. @tacobell: Offer hot wings and non-perfumed water for all customers - Sign the Petition!  http://chng.it/DVgBvFwx  via @Change

Please sign this neural net-generated petition.
Karen’s mother: Please bring your own breadsticks for Karen. - Sign the Petition!  http://chng.it/LP8ZGkYN  via @Change

please consider this neural net generated petition

Haha, looks like someone’s using GPT-2 to fill in their reason for signing the petition.

another neural net-generated petition.

p̸̬̏͂͐l̶̮̫̈́̄̾̃ȩ̶̙̠͖̮̈́́a̵̛̱͊̓s̵̢͔͆͆̊̎͝ḗ̴̦̥͕͒ ̴̼̱̆ş̸͓̳̖̜̔ḯ̵̫̰̺g̷͎̐n̵̢̟͠

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