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I can’t stop thinking about this.

He knows it’s not true.

Republicans fill me with fury, but I increasingly, establishment Democrats fill me with despair.

More and more, establishment Democrats seem like the drunk guy at the bar shouting “you’re just lucky my friends are here to hold me back!” and acting like he’s being constrained, even though there are no friends holding him back.

Republicans have spent this week doing their very best to systematically harness state power in order to— and let’s be clear about this— terrorize and murder women.

It’s time to fight them.

Who gives a shit if Joe Biden is golf buddies with some of them.

Say somebody says to me “I voted for Dems in 2018 as a check on Trump’s power, and they decided to sit on their hands for 2 yrs, so why should I vote for them in 2020?”

Do YOU have an answer for them?

If so, is it a dumb answer?

If not, are you sure?

I feel as though I want the same things I’ve always wanted. Acknowledgment and solutions to very real problems, centering oppressed and marginalized people, and fighting foundational lies that life is earned through profit and violence redeems.

I want Democrats to win because I think they are more likely to fight for those things, or, at the very least, not make a common cause with those who want the opposite.

“Having Democrats win” was never an end goal in itself.

There’s always been an “in order to ___” appended

I still want Democrats to win because— despite everything— I still think this.

but Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have really been doing their best to hole that belief below the waterline in recent months

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