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If you're reading this news and believe that we know even a fraction of the info Flynn gave federal investigators that ended up in the COUNTERINTELLIGENCE REPORT on Trump, you are wrong. I'm telling you I know you're wrong.

And when I publish PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, I'll prove it.

1/ I just heard on @MTPFirstRead with @chucktodd the idea that "everything Trump did was baked in pre-election" and therefore impeachment is a waste of time. I GUARANTEE TO YOU that if Chuck Todd or anyone reads PROOF OF CONSPIRACY they will *not* say "America already knew this."

2/ The percentage of the truth on pre-election "Trump-foreign nation" collusion that the average American knows right now—even the average American paying close attention to the news—is 25% at most. And yes I'm talking about Russia, and yes I'm talking about *other* nations, too.

3/ To anyone wondering, "If there's all this info, why isn't it in the Mueller Report?"

1) As I've said, Vol. 1 of the Report focused on a *narrow* legal question; admitted it was incomplete; *and* admitted it lacked counterintelligence.

2) Vol. 1 has more in it than you think.

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