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Seth Curry buries the 3-pointer and Kevon Looney follows it with an oop!

#StrengthInNumbers 112
#RipCity 111

52 seconds remaining on @ESPNNBA

Steph Curry ➡️ Draymond Green!

#StrengthInNumbers 114
#RipCity 111

@trailblazers ball, 12.3 seconds remaining on @ESPNNBA.

Andre Iguodala comes up with the clutch steal to secure the win for the @warriors!

Final in Game 2:
#StrengthInNumbers 114
#RipCity 111

Seth Curry hits from downtown then Kevon Looney put the @warriors up for good in Game 2!

@warriors take a 2-0 series lead in the Western Conference Finals!

Andre Iguodala secures the Game 2 win for the @warriors with the CLUTCH STOP in the final seconds! #StrengthInNumbers

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