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“Republicans Rejoice: Seven Florida Counties Flip to GOP” - March 2016

One of those counties was Washington County, which (per WaPo tonight) was successfully breached by Russian hackers... 1/ 

2/ “The fact is, Florida Republicans are today celebrating numbers that dramatize the overwhelming sea-change in the mood of state voters: Seven of the state's 67 counties have flipped from Democratic to Republican since January 2015.”

3/ “They credit more than Trump's ‘take America back’ message. They point to anger over Congress' deafness, Obama administration policy, and hard work at the grassroots level.

The seven counties include Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Hardee, Holmes, Pinellas and Washington.”

4/ “The grassroots leaders of the Republican Party of Florida have been working overtime over the last year & a half getting this state ready to defeat Hillary & elect Republicans up & down the ticket in November, said Blaise Ingoglia, chairman of the Republican Party of FL.”

5/ “Here’s a look at the numbers:


January 2015: 6, 240 (R); 6,495 (D); 1,561 (NPA).

3/23/16: 7,087 (R); 5,848 (D); 1,910 (NPA)”


7/ BTW, when the article refers to flipping, it is referring to the number of registered voters (Republican vs Democratic), not who they voted for.

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