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(1) Trump was terrified Flynn would cooperate.

(2) Flynn cooperated—but Trump allies haven't gone after him as they did Cohen.

Here's why:

(3) News reports don't yet confirm that Flynn revealed what Trump was scared he'd reveal.

And we're going to find out soon what that was.

(4) Readers of this feed already know the broad strokes of what Trump fears:

a) Flynn negotiated sanctions with Kislyak in-campaign; Trump knew of it.

b) Flynn was Trump's point man for Saudi, Israeli, and Russian collusion as part of a pre-election "Middle East Marshall Plan."

(5) I actually *disagree* with those who are saying the House should immediately subpoena Michael Flynn. Why? Because Congress isn't ready to talk to him yet. I don't believe many of them even have the information that I've compiled. Until they do, they should not speak to Flynn.

(6) Before-the-fact Trump-IRA and Trump-GRU conspiracies likely didn't occur; no one ever said they did. But by the time the full truth comes out, the amount of non-conspiracy collusion America will know about will just about blow our damn heads off.

Stay patient and stay tuned.

(7) I understand I'm frustrating people by seeming to tease research I'm not putting on Twitter. Please understand that the book I'm finishing up now will have between 3,000 and 4,000 endnotes and between 4,000 and 5,000 citations. This story is *too big* for Twitter. It just is.

(8) It'd be the height of arrogance to say Congress shouldn't speak to Flynn until everyone in it has read my book—*if* my book was anything other than curatorial journalism. But because that's what it is, I can honestly say the book stands on the shoulders of hundreds of giants.

(9) PROOF OF CONSPIRACY *has* to be released, and *will be*, by a big press (Macmillan) so it'll be read widely/seriously. I sadly won't be able to convince everyone I wrote it for the country—not money—despite a life in public service. That irony doesn't change what the book is.

(10) What PROOF OF CONSPIRACY *is* is an unredacted, counterintelligence-oriented, transnational Mueller Report-like catalogue of impeachable collusion and ongoing national security threats. It's the story the FBI and CIA are, for some reason, withholding. 

(PS) To head off at the pass any suggestion that I'm suggesting some sort of FBI or CIA conspiracy involving withholding the full collusion narrative from America: I am not. I honestly have no idea why the intelligence community believes this information needs to be kept from us.

(PS2) IOW, I have to believe there's some good reason for the FBI and CIA to be refusing to even brief *Congress* on any of the counterintelligence components of the Mueller investigation.

I expect PROOF OF CONSPIRACY will drop well before the IC drops whatever its hang-ups are.

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