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1. Er…not exactly. One in four US men in have “had” an abortion. Almost half of all abortions involved couples either married or cohabitating. Although SCOTUS gave women the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, men are frequently part of the decision-making.

2. Abortion laws, such as Georgia’s “heartbeat” abortion law, combined with child support laws, would mean many more men shouldering a hefty financial burden for years if they are involved in a pregnancy with a woman, whether have an ongoing relationship with her or not.

3. Remember, child support laws were passed to not only make men shoulder responsibility for a child but also to curb out-of-wedlock births and indirectly reduce abortions, though research suggests it makes single men less likely to want children, thus impacting fertility rates.

4. Child support laws may also cause men to pressure women into having abortions. So we need to rethink clumsy abortion laws that “punish” both women and men in various ways and have the effect of increasing unplanned births and abortion rates and decreasing fertility rates.

5. The abortion debate needlessly divides men and women but when you peel back the covers you’ll see how these laws are a mess that attempt to bandaid over numerous legacy socioeconomic problems that states can find better ways to address.

6. Although likes of AO Cortez depict abortion as a gender issue, according to Pew, majority of men and women support legal abortions; aside from the fact that she inaccurately portrays Planned Parenthood as an abortion center - 3.4% of PP’s work is abortion-related.

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