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Like other states this week, Georgia passed a near-total abortion ban.

But, unlike those other states, Georgia has a Hollywood presence

Why shoot in Georgia? It offers huge tax credits that make it cheap:  https://lat.ms/2Jm6dVY 

Here’s @nardinesaad’s tally of current productions in the Peach State:  https://lat.ms/2J9Eisk 

Some Hollywood celebrities, including Mark Duplass and Alyssa Milano, rallied Twitter to boycott


“Brian Kemp just turned the billions you infuse into the state economy into blood money”

Our cultural critic @MaryMacTV urged Hollywood for more action:  https://lat.ms/2HhP0tB 

Business columnist @hiltzikm took on the studios too:


But, there’s still no word from Hollywood studios. Why?

• Hollywood has a lot to lose
• Abortion is a unique issue for businesses

Business reporter @rfaughnder’s analysis:  https://lat.ms/2vYPY8D 

In Georgia, female film workers are telling celebrities to fund local organizations rather than boycott the state:

“Your condemnation is understandable, but what we really need most is allies.”



The crux, according to Stacey Abrams: “Georgia happens to be uniquely positioned at the nexus between the attack on abortion rights and the economic impact of the entertainment industry.”


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