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Understand that the reason Trump is saying he knew nothing about Flynn's problems is because the evidence suggests that not only was Flynn negotiating sanctions with the Russians during the campaign (that's certain) but that Trump *knew of it*. These tweets are part of a coverup.

1/ Trump is neither a mastermind nor a fool—to send out tweets he knows are false to misdirect the public on the knowledge he had of clandestine in-campaign sanctions negotiations, all he needs is a high school-level education. The question is always if the media calls him on it.

2/ Trump received a full briefing on the threat to his campaign by Russian infiltration on August 17, 2016. Next to him during that meeting was *Michael Flynn*. Trump knew Flynn was having secret negotiations with the Russians. He said nothing to the FBI and he didn't fire Flynn.

3/ It's remarkable how little institutional knowledge the whole of American media seems to have. While Flynn was Trump's adviser, he met secretly with the Russian ambassador in DC. Media *reported this*. Flynn also dined with Putin in Moscow and lied about the trip on his SF-86.

4/ Media *further reported* Flynn told two associates during the campaign that he was having phone, text, and email exchanges with the Russian ambassador. He even told those associates what the two talked about. Media *reported this*. But now they let Trump play dumb on Twitter.

5/ Trump's tweet today is a scandal. Media has it within its power to go into its archive of reporting and re-inform America of all the ways Trump has just lied to all of us about an issue at the heart of the collusion question. And what happens? Nothing. The lie just sits there.

6/ Meanwhile, unless the FBI and CIA don't have access to the same public reporting from around the world that I have access to and have put in my books, both the CIA and FBI also know that Trump is lying. More importantly, the *Russians* know—making it a national security issue.

7/ Every week Trump tweets two or three things that pose a *major* national security threat—as any person in or out of the intelligence community who's read *all* of the publicly available info about what Trump and Flynn did would say to a certainty. And nothing is done about it.

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