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By this logic, the habit of conservatives—like The Federalist columnists, say—of constantly referring to any social policy as hard-core Stalinist communism will turn everyone on the left into hard-core Stalinists.

Strangely they seem unconcerned about this happening.

Also of interest: the left is not, in fact, turning into hard-core Stalinist communists.

Whereas the right IS embracing authoritarianism, misogyny, and white supremacy.

It’s almost as though people become what they want to become regardless of what is or isn’t said about them

I mean it’s kind of weird you guys but it almost seems as if The Federalist doesn’t actually believe its own argument and just wants people to stop criticizing neo-Nazis for some reason.

I mean it’s kind of weird you guys but it almost seems as if there are people young racists admire telling them it’s OK to be neo Nazis, and that has more of an effect on their choices then anything said by the people young racists hate.

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