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How has no one pointed out to him that he's literally the most widely cited source in American life, whether for political news or anything else, and that a painstaking professional assessment of the veracity of his sourcing reveals that he has told 10,100 lies in just 26 months?

1/ Moreover, I'd argue Trump is the most widely cited source of ANONYMOUS SOURCING in American life, whether for political news or anything else, given how often he works into sentences "people say" or "many believe"... how do people not remind him that that's ANONYMOUS SOURCING?

2/ Media could stop this grotesque roadshow by asking Trump, EVERY TIME he says "many will tell you" or "people are saying" or "I've heard from many folks," "Mr. President, you just cited anonymous sources—can you tell us the identities of your anonymous sources?" But they don't.

3/ Many in media have given up. Yet here on Twitter we find subject-area experts working tirelessly—no salary—to check the devolution of truth this administration is enacting. Even so, yesterday a major magazine contacted me to write a story on how TWITTER is the problem. Really?

4/ New rule: if your full-time job is to do something, and you do it *poorly*, don't seek out unpaid people not working full-time in the profession to say they're the reason your profession is falling on its face. I teach journalism and can't believe the passes media gives Trump.

5/ I wrote in PROOF OF COLLUSION half a year ago that Trump called Flynn in April 2017 to tell him to "stay strong"—clear obstruction. Yesterday, media—which must've been busy covering some WH gossip book instead of PROOF OF COLLUSION—reported *less* interesting Trump-Flynn news.

6/ And here's the best part: my source for the Trump "stay strong" call? *Major media*. I was simply trying to get them to *re-report* what they'd *already reported* once it became relevant again. And I couldn't get them to look *back* at their own work even in a national crisis.

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