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Thread: People often ask me what they can do to respond to our current crisis. I like that people are eager to take action. These are the positive people who can, and do, make a difference. This thread is for them. /1

Occasionally, a small number of other folks (possibly Russian bots) post responses discouraging their fellow citizens from taking constructive action, saying it's useless. I call this activity "sniveling" and these people "demoralizers." This thread is not for demoralizers. /2

So here are a few ideas for action-oriented people:

Write to congress or, better still, call your representative's office.

Help a friend, relative or neighbor register to vote. Help someone else register.

Make plans to drive someone who needs help getting to the polls. /3

Donate to groups that are doing things about this crisis. (I recommend @CREWcrew and would be happy to supply a link, and there are many other good groups too.) Maybe even make a plan to skip 1 Starbucks coffee a week & make a tiny recurring monthly donation. Every bit helps. /4

Donate to a candidate you like, especially if you've never done that before. No amount is too small.

Show up at marches, and help publicize them. Get on a mailing list of a group that helps organize them. (I like @MoveOn and there are many other good groups too.) /5

Sign petitions. Encourage people to sign petitions.

If you live near DC, attend a congressional hearing in support of an important issue. If not, attend a hearing of your state legislature.

Vote! Always vote. /6

Disseminate info on social media about developments in this unfolding crisis and actions people take in response.

Commit not to be a "demoralizer" who posts negative comments in response to tweets about actions people take. ("What good will a letter do? Why bother marching?") /7

Run for town council, other public office, or even PTA.

Write letters to federal agencies. Or call. Demand answers.

Get a paid newspaper subscription to support journalism in this crisis.

Tell friends and family not to support Trump's emoluments factories ("businesses"). /8

Volunteer to be an election worker or maybe an election observer.

Volunteer for a campaign.

Volunteer to teach English to folks who don't speak it.

Volunteer for ANYTHING helpful.

Encourage young people to be optimistic and to study hard so they can defend democracy. /9

If you see an administration official meeting in public with a lobbyist or other special interest, take a photo and send it to a news outlet or watchdog group. (Ignore this suggestion whenever taking a photo would be illegal or dangerous.) /10

If you see executives or lobbyists for a company with interests before the government (for example, a private prison company) frequenting Trump's businesses, share that information. (I'm talking about you, T-Mobile guy!) /11

Make a plan and commit to taking one concrete, constructive action before the Fourth of July.

Feel free to post your suggestions for actions people can take in response to this thread. /12

One more, and it's a good one. /13

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