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Republican: storms through the entire house with a flamethrower, bathing the walls in fire

Democrat, studying a chessboard in the game room: mmmm yes, and once he stops with the fire and moves his knight, here’s how I’ll beat him in 23 moves

The Democrats have made it clear that no matter how many norms the Republicans torch, they will still uphold the norms. No many how many rules they break, the Democrats will still play by the old rules.

Which has incentivized Republicans to torch norms and break rules, obviously

Guard: I'm guarding the vault
G: I'm still guarding the vault
R: I'M AT MY HIDEOUT—wait, what?
G: Calling the cops soon
R: Really?
G: It's bad you stole
R: I'll...be back when there's more money in there.
G: *shrug*

Recognizing that your opponent has stopped playing by any rules and adjusting to meet that change is not "becoming the thing you hate."

A man shoves a rapist off a woman
A man shoves a child off a cliff

"Both men shove" is a true but useless observation.

*Republicans systemically dismantle the apparatus of fair elections*

Me, very wise: Don't worry, after two more years of this, our elections will save us.

I am not advocating Democratic lawlessness. I am advocating Democrats recognize that every Republican intention and statement is made in bad faith, and to act aggressively in response, as one would dealing with organized crime, to restablish law.

The Democrats are using the rules of an earlier age, when it could be assumed that opposing parties nevertheless both represented the interests of the country and its citizens, and we are long past that point. Continuing as if it were otherwise is dangerous.

so tired

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