Amir Salihefendić+ Your Authors @amix3k Remote-first Founder/CEO of @doist, the company behind @todoist and @usetwist. Born in Bosnia 🇧🇦, grew up in Denmark 🇩🇰, 2x dad 😊 May. 18, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

Level, a similar service to Twist, is shutting down. A thread follows with some thoughts on starting a product these days. 

The easiest path is to solve a problem you have. This way, you don’t have to second guess if you are solving a real problem, and you don’t have to do user research. We started Twist to solve problems we had with distractions of Slack, I built Todoist to manage my work and life.

The days of the MVP versions are over. The expectations are incredibly high, and people will not even entertain your solution if you don’t cover all the core things such as engineering, design, support, and marketing.

You probably can’t improve a big problem, such as team communication, without a lot of time or people. So far we have worked over 5 years on Twist, and we’ve spent millions on R&D, and people still hesitate to switch.

I started Todoist in 2007, and I did everything myself (most of it not that good 😊). I highly doubt I would have similar success today. Today, it’s super easy to start, but the baseline expectations have increased in a substantial way.

To succeed today, you need to play the long game, and be willing to spend years on reaching a product-market fit. It’s a long marathon and not a sprint.

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