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Among a myriad of others, two major events sent Barack Obama to the WH: Winning Iowa and picking Biden. One told Black people he was viable. The other told White people he was safe.

Both of those things are now working together to fuel his front runner status. It won’t last.

The truth is he’s entertaining. Biden is fun to listen to. In person, he is charismatic in a way that nearly paralyzes.

However, if you listen closely, he flat out tells you who he is. Which is nobody— a political chameleon who knows how to ride the tide and predict the next wave.

That— and his loyalty— was useful to the Obama campaign and adminstration. And it’s the very thing propping up his numbers among older AfAm voters.

When this cracks— and it will as voters get to know that candidates— the race will shake out differently.

For now, the progressive vote is split among Bernie, Warren and some others. When that votes gets in the same tent and AfAm voters get reintroduced to Biden, that will change.

There have been a flurry of think pieces around this (I am not paid to write them), but Black speechwriters and advisors (I love you @SymoneDSanders!) won’t same him from himself.

The truth is Biden was losing and losing badly when Obama dragged him out of the dustbin of history. “And that’s a fact,” said @NipseyHussle.

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