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Hey, remember that brief period in the early 00's where a load of Black Metal bands tried to go all experimental and did things like mixing in techno to their sound and doing freakin' fluorescent corpsepaint, instead of just trying to be grim and sound like Darkthrone?


Some of that stuff was just awesome, like it's all out extreme metal like you'd expect and then there's just freakin' eurobeat industrial stuff happening, and it's just amazing to hear. 

The band pictured in the first tweet is Italian black metal band Aborym, who managed to get Attila Csihar on vocals. It's not half bad! 

I'm just remembering Ephel Duath!

They started off pretty straight-up black metal, inspired by Emperor and the like, but then they were just like "Hey, let's go jazz-fusion!" and they did this, and it was awesome! That whole era was something else! 

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