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This tweet is perhaps the best example of how my perception has changed in recent years.

Not long ago, this message would have resonated for me.

Now it only offends. I can only see all the people it leaves behind, and what it embraces in order to do so.

Our country's primary problem isn't that we aren't unified. Our country's problem is that we have created a society based on empowering and enabling abuse.

A parable:

Allow me to suggest that, when there is a great divide between people who prefer order, and people who prefer justice, this is an indication that the undergirding system over which these people contend is deeply, fundamentally abusive and unjust.

Allow me to suggest that, the greater the divide between those who prefer order and those who prefer justice, the more abusive and unjust the existing order of that system is likely to be.

Allow me to suggest that, in cases like this, an increasing divisiveness is not actually the problem, in the same way a symptom is not the disease.

It may well be the divide is the only indication complacent people will ever perceive that the order they support is unjust, and that their support of it makes further abuse not only likely, but inevitable—that their support of an abusive order is itself abuse

It may be that unity, while a good thing, is not more important than justice.

It may be that before we decide if unity is appropriate, we must ask what it is we intend to unify around.

And it may well be the divide is actually a very, very, very good thing.

I must confess, in recent years I’ve lost my patience for those who save their first tears for the divide rather than its causes.

Full essay on the topic here:  http://www.armoxon.com/2017/08/bubbles-2-great-divide.html 

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