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Hey, could this Deutsche Bank money laundering thing be what started that SIX-AGENCY investigation into Trump that went back to Jan 2016? 

You remember, right? The day before inauguration, it was announced that FBI, CIA, NSA, ODNI, DOJ, and TREASURY FINCEN were investigating how money flowed from Russia to help Trump win?

March 29, 2016, Russian agent Paul Manafort was named Trump's campaign chair.

Know what dropped four days later? The Panama Papers. 

This was huge on my radar immediately. I know how big those flows of dark money are - and have. 

Watch the timeline of Trump's comments on Putin - starting in April 2016. Right around the time of the Mayflower Hotel meeting. Big uptick in intensity of sucking up. 

When he finally clinches the GOP nomination, he declares, "We're going to have a great relationship with Putin and Russia." 

In 2017, I surmised that the Panama Papers - which exposed Putin AND Manafort's money laundering - were launched as a preemptive strike against Russia's political war efforts. 

Theory: I wonder if some of those ex-Deutsche Bank employees - or maybe an exec who realized the danger - went to the FBI when their colleagues didn't file Suspicious Activity Reports with FinCEN. 🤔

Because their shady clients usually stayed in the shade - but starting in early 2016, a notorious money launderer IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. And there's probably now way he won't, I dunno, HAVE TO RELEASE HIS FINANCES!

And that would eventually implicate Deutsche Bank, bigly.

Either way, a notorious Mob asset is president and is under all manners of criminal and counterintelligence investigations.

I can't wait to hear a few more of their conclusions! 😈 </>

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