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1) Never forget that Trump's finances matter because national security is at stake: is he compromised?
2) I hope Trump enjoyed the racist jabs he took at Rep. Waters—now that she's about to have his records.
3) FinCEN is a focus now—and Barr's kid just took a job there.

PS/ Given that Barr has *improperly had contact* with the White House about cases, it seems to me that someone at FinCEN should be making sure that Barr's kid is *absolutely nowhere near* any files involving President Trump. A reporter needs to get on this issue, like, yesterday.


PS2/ Fortunately, William Barr's son-in-law only works in...

...the White House Counsel's Office.

No room for mischief *there*. I'm certain that Barr—who talks with the president about things he shouldn't—would *never* talk with his own son-in-law about things he shouldn't.


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