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Although Australia hand counts federal elections (no iVote), polling place totals are “data entered and transmitted to the Tally Room on the AEC WEBSITE.” Constant updates occur.

Q: Does AU also manually aggregate the polling place totals to confirm the computer totals? 1/

Are the polling place totals posted publicly on election night so the public can ensure they add up to the reported computer totals? 2/

3/ I’m not saying Australia’s reported totals were hacked, but would like to know how they confirm their legitimacy.

4/ Recall that Russia hacked Ukraine’s reporting website in 2014. 

5/ And in the US, Russia hacked VR Systems, which handles online reporting for 60 of Florida’s 67 counties. Thread.

6/ via @stilldelvingH re: IDOX and BREXIT:

7/ more from @StillDelvingH:

8/ I have this same question re: Florida where polling place totals are transferred to the central tabulators via cellular modem!

“Come on, can anyone check that the results of every polling station were correctly reported to the counting centers [re: Brexit]?”

9/ More on IDOX and Brexit. (As far as I know, IDOX was not involved in Australia’s election.)

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