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While I'm not endorsing anyone in the Democratic primary, I have to say, candidly, that @PeteButtigieg *consistently* gives the most empathetic, articulate, and erudite answers on every question of policy or morality. Whatever happens in the primaries, he's a generational talent.

1/ I want to emphasize that—broadly speaking—I think the Democrats have the strongest field of my lifetime (since 1976). Harris, Warren, Booker, O'Rourke, and Biden *routinely* give answers to hard questions that reflect my values and that cause me to say, "Excellently answered!"

2/ As my last tweet hopefully shows, I'm sincerely impressed by the Democrats' 2020 candidates. Anyone who thinks this isn't an *incredible* crop of talent hasn't been watching politics since 1976. I *remember* those other fields. They had strong candidates, but... not like this.

3/ And if I didn't mention your candidate, there's still a good chance I *have* found some of what they've said interesting and necessary. There are very few Democratic candidates I can't say that about, and some of the candidates in that group are simply folks I don't know yet.

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