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I have seen the episode and can now return to the internet. As always, many good moments, but you have to not think about stuff too much. In particular the twist toward the end is pretty ... brandom.

I need to work now and all I want to do is read takes.

Bran, falling through the air after Jaime pushed him, thinking, "oh yeah, MFer? Watch this."

Edmure Tully is a Democrat.

OK nobody wants these tweets but one more. One thing I liked about the episode was that Jon finally did something. One thing I didn't like was that Bran got crowned for continuing to do fuck-all despite his alleged omniscience. 😒 #GOT

"When Bran dies, just get together and choose the next monarch" seems like a less-than-durable governing blueprint. What if they can't agree? What if the next monarch *does* have kids? And shouldn't their representation in council be at least vaguely tied to population?

Hm, @max_read has similar thoughts, more fleshed out.  https://www.vulture.com/2019/05/game-of-thrones-westeros-is-screwed.html 

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