Jennifer Cohn @jennycohn1 Election security advocate & writer; attorney; Contributor @WhoWhatWhy, @NYRDaily #HandMarkedPaperBallots #ProtectOurVotes 🆘 May. 20, 2019 1 min read

Broward County 2018 Senate Race: Vote by Category Data (early voting v Election Day v vote by mail) is missing for Nelson (but not Scott) in many precincts. This would have prevented anyone from confirming the legitimacy of reported precinct totals...  1/ getting and comparing the totals directly from the precincts. At least I think it would. Seems concerning, especially given that VR Systems (which Russia hacked) handles the reporting systems for 60 of 67 FL counties. 2/

3/ Source for post 2. 

4/ I learned of the YouTube video in post 1 from @LuluFriesdat.

5/ From what I understand, campaigns or parties sometimes send “runners” to various precincts to get Election Day totals (hopefully, actual photos of poll tapes) to compare against the reported precinct totals. Again, this would see to prevent such a spot checks.

6/ I don’t know if @SenBillNelson or @AndrewGillum did this in Broward in 2018. But I’d sure like to know. @marcelias

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