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Lyft and Uber have tried to expand their fleets of drivers by recruiting workers with vehicles that wouldn’t pass company requirements — and drivers who don’t have a car at all.  https://lat.ms/2EkaFRk 

Both Lyft and Uber offer short-term car rental agreements to a range of people, including those who might have poor credit or are desperately in need of a flexible stream of income.  https://lat.ms/2EkaFRk 

Some drivers who rent through Lyft’s Express Drive program say it has made it difficult to get back on their feet. Documents show they are paid less per mile than drivers who use their own vehicle, which can make it hard to offset Lyft’s rental and insurance payments.

For Sinakhone Keodara, Lyft’s fees were hard to offset. He was paying close to $1,000 a month to rent the car and $60 a day for gas — and he often had to sleep in the car.  https://lat.ms/2EkaFRk 

Lyft requires drivers provide at least 20 rides a week to keep the car. For those who rely on the car for a place to sleep, the threat of losing their roof due to illness or a family emergency is daunting.  https://lat.ms/2EkaFRk 

According to Safe Parking LA program director Emily Kantrim, some people choose to rent a car to drive for Uber and Lyft because a vehicle can serve as shelter. But that’s a temporary fix, she says.  https://lat.ms/2EkaFRk 

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